The Point, March 1, 2019: Report Suggests Standardizing Training To Deal With Student Trauma In Florida Schools


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A new report that the state legislature commissioned details disparities in trauma training for public school employees. The Lastinger Center at the University of Florida surveyed 29 districts and found no uniform training method offered. Broward County had the highest number of programs, 24, while 22 counties were found to have none in place. (WUFT News)

• A former UF horticulture sciences professor lost his defamation lawsuit against The New York Times. In 2015, Kevin Folta filed the suit for an article that documented his agreement with Monsanto to promote its products. He resigned from his college chair position in May 2018. (The Alligator)

UF has announced that its projects over $2 million show no signs of misspending. The investigation comes after University of Central Florida officials admitted funds were misspent on construction projects. The UF investigation began when a whistleblower alerted Gov. Ron DeSantis’ office with a complaint about UF’s alleged inappropriate use of funds. (Gainesville Sun)

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Around the state today

• Though red tide has left the state’s southwest coast, its effects still linger. The red algae were responsible for the death of thousands of marine life. Now, predatory birds, like the Florida loon, have migrated to the beaches for food, but find much of its food source has since died. Many have sighted birds sitting on the Pinellas County beaches, a sign of sickness or injury. (Orlando Sentinel)

St. Augustine Mayor Nancy Shaver resigned after having a stroke. She has been in office since 2014 and advocated for awareness of global warming and sea level rise. The city commission there has 10 days to appoint a new mayor before DeSantis has the chance to make his own selection. (WJCT)

The City of Jacksonville hired a Virginia-based non-profit to map the city’s trees. To solve problems of standing water and storm runoff, Green Infrastructure Center is testing the city’s paving and tree placement. The city will host its final meeting on March 28. (WJCT)

State Rep. Kristin Jacobs is said to miss the first week of the upcoming Legislative Session due to her cancer treatments. Jacobs suffers from colorectal cancer and has been going twice a week for chemotherapy, which should end next week. Jacobs says her colleagues have been helping her navigate recent bills while she recovers. (Florida Politics)

• The CoolToday Park stadium in Sarasota County is 90 percent finished. The $140 million future home of the Atlanta Braves is rounding up construction after beginning in October 2017. The 6,500 seat stadium will be ready for its first and only spring 2019 game on March 24. The franchise’s spring trainings have been based at Disney World. (Sarasota Herald-Tribune)

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