Unvarnished: Finding Her Squat


At 80 years old, Diane Lasley decided she wanted to get her squat back for three reasons: to get on eye level with her grandchildren, to pet her dog, and to successfully rise after peeing in the woods.

In the early 1970s, when Diane first entered the fitness world, the bulk of the exercises during a fitness class were jumping, arm waving and foot stomping. She always seemed to be going left when everyone else was going right.

But when the instructor did the unthinkable in a small, religiously conservative town and ended the class with yoga, Diane fell in love.

Diane and her family moved away soon after, and almost 40 years passed before she started doing yoga again. It came naturally, as it did so many years ago.

She’s still finding her squat, but the journey has brought strength, balance and a new tribe of friends.

Diane told her story at Searchlight Yoga studio as part of a live show in August called How Yoga Changed My Life. She talks with host Taylor Williams about accepting change and dealing with rejection.

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Taylor Williams is the host of Unvarnished and the Creative Director of Guts & Glory GNV. Unvarnished is produced in collaboration with WUFT.

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