Marion County Student Shaved His Eyebrows To Help Stop Bullying


A Marion County teenager is taking an unusual approach toward bullying.

Forest High School student Walter Hoffman recently shaved his eyebrows and replaced them with this message: “Skin deep.”

Hoffman says he started the “skin deep” movement at his school after he witnessed his friend — who has no eyebrows — get bullied by other classmates.

The teen’s friend suffers from alopecia, a medical condition that causes hair loss in different parts of the body. Hoffman said some students have started writing the message on their forearms, legs and knees to support his cause.

He says he encourages others to support his movement.

“If this one person can do this, what can a hundred of us do?” Hoffman asks. “What can one school do? What can one county do? What can one state do?”

Hoffman said he hopes the movement helps victims across the country stand up against bullying.

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