ACLU Raises Questions About Voting By Mail In Florida


A recent study by the American Civil Liberties Union found that some mail-in ballots are being rejected in Florida.

The study also stated that young voters and minority voters are more likely to have their ballot flagged and discounted.

Alachua County Supervisor of Elections Kim Barton said that there is a risk of ballots being flagged if the signature on a voter identification card doesn’t match the signature on the ballot. Still, if there is a problem, she said her office tries to solve it as soon as possible.

“We notify you by mail, whether they didn’t sign it or if it doesn’t compare. If we have a phone number we do try to contact them as well,” Barton said. “We have been known to drive by and provide that information if we have the time to do it.”

Whitney Johnson, a Gainesville resident, said that in order for America to function as a democracy, all votes need to be counted.

“It’s wrong of you to just disregard a voters opinion because one thing was wrong with their ballot,” Johnson said. “Most of the time it’s people that don’t have time to go into the office to vote.”

The voter registration deadline in Florida is Oct. 9, and the midterm elections will take place Nov. 6.

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