UF Health Debuts App To Assist In Cardiac Arrest Response


With a new app, anyone can respond to a cardiac arrest emergency.

UF Health released PulsePoint, an app that notifies first responders, even if they’re off duty, of a cardiac arrest that is happening within a quarter mile. The app also contains instructions on how to perform CPR for people have little to no training.

Cardiac arrest outside of a hospital is a leading cause of death in the United States and officials believe the app could double the survival rate. With this app, anybody can step in to save a life.

“We can get the ball rolling. We, being you and I as average Mary or Joe community member, until the paramedics arrive,” said Ed Jimenez, UF Health CEO. “It’s a new chance of survival, and I think if we all knew that we can help, we would.”

Employees with the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office, Alachua County Fire Rescue and Gainesville Fire Rescue will be getting the app activated through the county’s 911 system.

The app is available in Google’s Play store and Apple’s app store. More information is on the app website, pulsepoint.org

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