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Unvarnished: Two Peas in a Podcast


Franklin Percival speaks slowly and with intent. When he tells stories, he shares a part of himself with his audience.

As a child, he sat quietly and listened to his elders tell stories. Now he looks to those elders as mentors who inspired him to tell his own stories.

Percival talks with our host, Taylor Williams, about family and learning to deal with loss. He talks about his style of speech and how he fell into this new role as a storyteller.

He spoke at Seed and Spark, a live storytelling event in June, and paints a colorful image of life growing up in South Carolina. He, his father and brother planted a garden, one of several short-term passions his father pursued.

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About Taylor Williams

Taylor Williams is the host of Unvarnished and the Creative Director of Guts & Glory GNV. Unvarnished is produced in collaboration with WUFT.

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