Unvarnished: Story Summit at Heartwood Soundstage Part Two


Jackie Matthews told her story about finding freedom at Story Summit at the Heartwood Soundstage. (Ethan Magoc / WUFT News)

When Katie Hyson was 20, she met a woman she calls H. Katie thought she was whole and unburdened and that she could help fix H’s life. What she didn’t expect was that H would teach her to appreciate beauty in the smallest things and to lay down shame to move forward with her life.

Anne Christiano was on track to be a professional ballerina until logistics kept her from attending the School of American Ballet, but just knowing she was capable motivated her to accomplish other seemingly impossible tasks. She found her acceptance letter in a box years later, and what it said changed her perspective.

Jackie Matthews loves motorcycles. She thought she found freedom and independence while riding through Utah with her dad. She later learned that, for her, freedom is not just found in riding motorcycles, but also in relationships and human connection.

This episode of Unvarnished features part two of Story Summit at Heartwood Soundstage where six Gainesvillians took the stage to share their stories.

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