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Unvarnished: Story Summit At Heartwood Soundstage


Syraj Syed told his story of accepting change at the Heartwood Soundstage June 9 as part of Story Summit. (Ethan Magoc/WUFT News)

Daniel Perea was born on Friday the 13th. He was convinced at a young age that bad luck followed him. When he came face-to-face with a kelp-covered manatee, he realized that life is messy and unexpected.

Syraj Syed was brought to the US as a child and was at first overwhelmed by his new home. He learned to find solace in small pleasures like chocolate during difficult times of change.

Glenna Auxier has a deep fear of motorcylcles. When her son developed an obsession for riding and racing, she had to face that fear.

This episode of Unvarnished features part one of Story Summit at Heartwood Soundstage where six Gainesvillians took the stage to share their stories.

The second half of Story Summit will be featured in episode three of Unvarnished.

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