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Gainesville Divers Weigh In On Thai Soccer Team Rescue


It was announced Tuesday morning that all 12 boys and their soccer coach were rescued from a flooded cave in Thailand.

Gainesville cave divers agree how dangerous and professional the rescue mission was.

“You have to have specialized training to make sure we stay safe in that environment,” said Joe Boehnlein, owner of Scuba Monkey in Gainesville.

Boehnlein pointed out that if a problem arises in cave diving, there isn’t the option of going to the surface to fix it.

“Cave diving is dangerous. It is inherently dangerous,” said Kera Roslen, a former cave diver. “If you are not qualified and you are not trained as a certified diver, do not attempt to do cave diving.”

Roslen said everyone involved in providing supplies and aiding in the rescue through scuba are the reason the soccer team made it out alive.

“Without that heroism and without that support, it never would have happened,” she said.

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