An anti-Confederate protester and Tea Party member spar verbally during a July 4th protest in St. Augustine. (Photos by Shamarria Morrison/WUFT News)
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Anti-Confederate Protesters Disrupt Independence Day Celebration In St. Augustine


A group of protesters in St. Augustine marched for the removal of an obelisk honoring the Confederate cause.

The July 4 protest near the city’s bayfront also featured a call to the University of Florida as part of the protesters’ chants.

“The whole idea was disruption, and I think anyone who saw it would agree,” Rev. Ron Rawls, the 51-year-old leader of St. Paul AME Church, said. He led a crowd of about 25 people through the city’s bayfront with flyers and chants, asking for the removal of the obelisk in the Plaza de la Constitucion — a state-owned property governed by the University of Florida’s Historic St. Augustine Board.

Thomas Bryant III has lived in the city for twenty years.

“This issue is around the Confederacy, and the lack of compassion or consideration of what it means to the black community and what it represents,” the 61-year-old Bryant said.

About a month ago, the board voted unanimously to keep the memorial, which also includes the ashes of Confederate Gen. William Loring.

“The board believes it’s there to interpret history, not change it,” UF spokeswoman Margot Winick said. “And so, we want to bring in other groups that can enhance the understanding of our history, especially for future generations.”

St. Augustine Tea Party media chairman David Heimbold said Rawls just wanted to stir up trouble.

“Ron Rawls is a race baiter, OK? A race baiter, and he is stirring up a lot of poop with a very small amount of people,” Heimbold, 78, said.

Victoria Gerry, 41, a local woman waiting for the annual fireworks show, said, “I understand the protests are about the black community, and that’s fine, and I respect it, but to me honestly it’s about all people — of all color, of all races — we should come together.”

Protester Nicole Sparrow, 31, brought her 6-year-old daughter out to march. She said she believes her very existence is in jeoprady, and it’s not as simple as all people coming together.

“It’s important that I show my children what the issues are that I’m going through, because in the near future, they will have to do this same type of organization and this same type of marching to get the same type of justices served for their communities,” she said.

Some people cheered them and asked questions and accepted the flyers demanding the city and UF board reconsider their decision to allow the marker to remain.

“UF is one way in Gainesville. In Gainesville, they take monuments down,” Rawls said, referring to the removal of Old Joe 11 months ago from outside the Alachua County government building. UF had no role in that, nor in the subsequent renaming of the Alachua County School District office. “In Gainesville, they rename buildings that are named after Confederate soldiers because they understand that they were traitors. But over here, UF does not use the same mantra.”

Other people on the bayfront attempted to remove flyers from protesters’ hands, others yelled insults, and some followed them around. Rawls said they will be back again

“We will do this about every month or so in the tourists’ district — just to disrupt — so that disruption can become the norm in St. Augustine until they can become a little more human.”

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  1. If these perverts actually wanted to celebrate “history” then they would add to these confederate monuments some very “pertinent things” like some lines from the vice president of the confederacy Alexander Stephens cornerstone speech. In this speech he said the immediate cause of the war was the institution of slavery and that the US constitution was “wrong” in saying all men were created equal. He said that the Negroes’ rightful place was to be in subjection to the “superior” white race and a bunch more BS. Also they need to add a statue of a slave in chains being whipped and a statue of a slave owner raping one of “his wenches” or of an auctioneer with a slave on an auction block or of a Black man being “lynched”. That would make it into an actual historical narrative, but that is not what these perverts want. All they want to do is to glorify the perverts who did these horrible things.

    • Don’t like the South? Then scuttle your butt out of here to Commiefornia or some freak show Blue state. Then you won’t see any monuments and we won’t see or hear from you.

      • Careful now, your extreme racism is showing. Who said I don’t like the south? I don’t like perverted racist people. There are a lot of good Christian people in the south which you apparently know nothing about. I suggest its you who need to leave and crawl back into your demonic spider hole down in the swamp.

        • How about on Tuesday July 10th you bring your nasty commie ass up to Columbia,SC and will fly the Confederate flag up there in protest, like I do every year and tell it to my face cuck? I don’t care if you don’t care what you think is racist, so KYS. All talk.

          • I happen to be a born and bred AMERICAN citizen who loves this country. Your unpatriotic BS puts you in the same bag as the communists, radical islamics, Russians and others who HATE the USA. Whatever you think KYS means, you are a paper tiger who gets on here with all your hateful talk, but you would be the first to take off running with your yellow tail between your legs crying like the little bi**h you obviously are.

          • You are full of BS and Hate.

          • JosephineSouthern

            chino49p I have the right, I am a descendant of the original patriot founders and the Telling or saying the truth about Lincoln and his Union Army and The USA invasion take over in 1861-1865 of 15 STATES that my people founded is NOT racist. Maryland, Kentucky, Missouri, Arizona, Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Virginia. You sir are unpatriotic full of BS and in the same bag as the communists, radical Islamics, Russians and others who HATE the USA. You cannot love this country and treat me and my people the way you are doing. My ancestors lost 200 years of life and treasure in that war of invasion and take over; they left the compact of states to form their own country with FREE TRADE only to become slaves of the Empire they had divorced. Who invaded who? Follow the money, and you will find the perpetrators who started The Empire in 1861-1865 and changed the founders original concept. Deo Vindice. meaning (With) God (as our) defender/protector (see la:Deo vindice) was the national motto of the Confederate States.

          • If “your people” really “made peace” and reconciled with this new government, you wouldn’t be bringing it up repeatedly. Look to the future, stop living in the past. Of course, at your age, I guess the past is all you’ve got left.

          • Yeah I fought Communists in the US Army, my father died in Vietnam in September 1969, you wouldn’t know patriotic if it was wrote on a 2X4 and shoved up your ass. Just another whiney SJW wanting to eliminate history and free speech. KYS =KILL YOUR SELF.

          • generalstratos

            Only losers keep backing the team that lost and doesn’t have a chance of winning because they can’t play the game.

          • Try harder General Strapon that’s some low quality bait there. I play the game to the hilt and your mom knows that.

          • Ah! I didn’t realize you are a child pretending to be an adult. Then again, your leader Herr Trump is the same, so don’t know why I expected more.

          • Hey you will love four more years of him in 2020-2024. I am going to make some popcorn turn on the liberal news on November 11th, 2020 and watch them cry their eyes out and melt down like Chernobyl.

          • If you really believe Trump will be re-elected in 2020, you are completely deluded. Then again, only a completely brainwashed Trumper would compare the election to something Russian, since Putin is pulling his (and your) strings.

          • I just want to see liberlals like you howl, what you lost get over it, that’s what you tell us all the time. Trump will win in 2020. Big Time.

      • Tony Zaksewicz

        Liking those monuments and what the Confederacy stood for shows your disrespect of America.

        • Why is that? Most all u.s. leaders respected Confederate veterans and participated in erecting Confederate memorials. The u.s. military has officially and unofficially used the Confederate flag. The confederacy shared the same values enshrined in the u.s. constitution.
          Those who protest Confederate memorials disrespect the United states as they do not even take time to learn history. Supporting these memorials is very patriotic and American.

          • There is room for Confederate monuments, Civil Rights monuments, Indian monuments and monuments to all sorts of historic figures, left wingers want to destroy our history by judging it to their modern values. They are scum and PC censors of the worst kind, they want to cleanse history rewrite it and make Whites the villains. They are mostly pissed that Trump won, since they didn’t do this during the reign of King Obama the Corrupt, so this is their little way to get back on us. Won’t work, makes me even more of a right winger. If any of the monument removals had been done through popular vote, they would not have happened. These urbanite socialist can’t be appeased, they need to be crushed and put out of power and their foreign friends deported.

          • There is a difference between destroying history and celebrating EVIL. The Germans have had the integrity to NOT celebrate anything connected to the third Reich because it was an evil stain that although it is in the history books, it certainly deserves no celebrating or memorials. To say that I’m anti-white because I’m a practicing Christian who is against racism and anti American scum like you is really perverted. The only ones trying to rewrite history are you guys. You ignore the writings of the leaders who led the confederacy and replace it with what you WANT it to be instead of what the leaders of that time KNEW it was. I don’t know, maybe you are just a meth head, but actually I think you are just a swamp garden type slimy racist.

          • The real comparison is between the Nazis and the Yankees. In Mein Kampf Hitler was a supporter of Lincoln’s policies. Ole Chino is a Nazi supporter.

          • You are really funny. You know of course that Mein Kampf is one of drump’s favorite books don’t you? He keeps it by his bedside. I wonder why? I guess by your standards that means drump is a Nazi supporter. Wow, who would’ve thought something like that?

          • Have no idea what book he keeps. you brought up the Nazis and don’t like the fact Lincoln was the American Hitler.

          • There is nothing patriotic about celebrating evil people who waged war on the USA. The leaders of the confederacy clearly said that the US constitution was WRONG. The confederate monuments were put up in order to celebrate the confederacy’s clearly stated mantra of white supremacy. They were put up as a statement that even though we LOST, white people are still superior to Black people and we don’t want anyone to forget how we still feel that white superiority is a God ordained principle. They were put up during the time that jim crow laws were prevalent across the country that were meant to continue oppressing Black people.

            There is very good reason why the white supremacist uses confederate emblems and swastikas. Its because they both portray a symbolic hatred of Black people and all minorities. There will be no fourth Reich and the south will not rise again.

            The jim crow laws were not cancelled until the sixties as the civil rights movement was gaining steam. Up until that time most politicians harbored racist views and most still do although things have improved tremendously since the sixties.

          • It was Lincoln and his criminals that were the evil people.

          • JosephineSouthern

            The Black Supremacist want to destroy our white heritage so they can have blacks for blacks in this country. They want to destroy our monuments or glob onto them some hateful script and mention some Union Black soldiers instead of collecting money from their community and putting up their own monuments. Blacks never paid a dime for ours yet we have to pay for theirs. BS baloney our tax money is wasted on them that will not do for themselves. In spite of 50 years of integration, most blacks like you hate white people who are still superior, and who have given them everything they ever had.

          • This may be the most ignorant and misinformed statement i’ve ever seen. Supporting memorials dedicated to those who were traitors to the United States and waged a massive war against America is patriotic? WOW, mind blown.

          • JosephineSouthern

            Lincoln was indeed the American Hitler. All you have to do is read what Lincoln and his Armies did to the South and it is clear as day. Sherman is the Von…..puppet of Lincoln and Grant is another. They killed, destroyed, burned, stole, murdered their way throughout every state in the South until they had subjugated the people who were descendants of the founders. It is all there to see – watch their ACTIONS and NOT what they SAY.

          • generalstratos

            If it wasn’t Lincoln it would’ve been Lee doing it in reverse. What’s the difference? What’s done is done. You need to get out of the dark ages and work to unite the country instead of continuing to divide it. All I see is a bunch of old white people like yourself trying to divide, segregate and turn this country backwards.

        • I served the country for decades as did my father who died in Vietnam in 1969 fighting the Communist scum. The only ones being disrespectful to anything is Anti-White bastards like you.

          • How did you come up with calling me Anti-White? I’m anti-traitor to America, which is exactly what the Confederacy was. My statement was of a pro-American stance and you somehow twist that to Anit-White. Seems as if you have a racial agenda that i didn’t come close to referencing. That’s why you’ll never win this debate.

          • Learning English. No treason was committed as no one fought against there own country.

          • Before they seceded they were Americans, who broke away from the nation. If any state today breaks away from America and wages war against the nation….that’s treasonous. Good job trying to find a technical loophole. Sure at the time they fought they weren’t fighting their nation. However, since they were fighting to split from their nation, they were fighting their nation. Oh…..and no way to find a loophole around the fact they fought against the United States of America.

          • I’m very sorry that facts do not support your opinion but it’s nice that you attempted to at least be civil.
            First you should realize that southerners were Americans both before and AFTER they seceded. Their new country was the Confederate States of AMERICA. I believe you meant u.s. citizens which they’re definitely were not after secession.
            Second you obviously do not realize that states have a legal right to leave the union. It’s found in the 10th amendment to the constitution. Some states even mentioned reserving the right of secession (Virginia, new York, etc) in their constitutional ratification documents when they helped create the United states. The constitutional convention recognized there right and accepted it. George Washington, Madison, Jefferson and others all said secession was legal. So there were no “break away” states as the federal government has no legal authority to force states to remain in the union. If a state (say California) decided to leave today there would be no justification for war unless the federal government decided to illegally try to force that state to stay (just like in 1861).
            Since a state can legally leave treason was not committed.
            Actually 7 states did peacefully secede and formed a new nation (CSA) which existed peacefully beside the United states with no war for a short time. Most papers and politicians recognized their right to leave. War did not occur until Lincoln assumed office and immediately set in motion plans to collect revenue in the ports of a foreign country (csa). This was obviously an illegal and hostile act of war. Major Anderson invaded Confederate territory by breaking a truce and moving his command (against agreement) from fort moultrie to sumter. The resupplying of munitions and troops were further acts of war, not to mention the hostile actions in Pensacola, Florida. So yes, the Confederates fought against the United states, but only because the United states committed acts of war first and then actually invaded. It is not treason to defend one’s country from invasion by a foreign power. Nice try in your attempt to find a loophole in the definition off a word, but facts and logic do not support your attempt.
            The legality of secession is one of the major reasons no Confederate leader was ever brought to trial on the charge of “treason “. The justices warned the federal government that it would likely lose in court.
            It should also be noted that several states had already joined a mutual aid compact (the articles of confederation) and left that union to create a new one (the United states), but not all states did so at once so the precedence of multiple countries existing, uniting, and dividing peacefully then forming new unions again had already been set.
            If you need some references let me know.

          • JosephineSouthern

            The South fought invaders who were forcing them into a union and occupying their land. Virginia fought 136 battles on their soil; Tennessee just as many and North Carolina furnished more of their native sons than any other state. The unjust hypocrisy of the Union is shown when they allowed the West Virginia secession from Virginia. Plus allowing Nevada and West Virginia to vote for Lincoln in the election when they did not meet the criteria of a state. If you would get your head out of your butt you would know all this. The facts are there. The Hitleresque March on Georgia from Chattanooga to the burning of Atlanta, then to Savannah, up to the burning of Columbia South Carolina and on to North Carolina was a complete war on civilians, clearly a war crime. The siege of Vicksburg and surrounding towns in Mississippi was also identical to Hitler’s raids. This War was all about Power and money; the slaves were USED by the Union as a cover for their unlawful invasion.

    • Rebecca Richie

      Hey dope, before you go condemning people from another century for their beliefs,
      here is what Abe Lincoln said on the subject: “I am not, nor have ever been, in favor of bringing about in any way the social and political equality of the white and black races. I am not nor ever have been in favor of making voters or jurors of negroes, nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor to intermarry with white people; I will say in addition to this that there is a physical difference between the white and black races which I believe will forever forbid the two races from living together on social or political equality. And inasmuch as they cannot so live, while they do remain together there must be the position of superior and inferior, and I as much as any other man am in favor of having the superior position assigned to the white.”

      • generalstratos

        So President Lincoln was wrong, too, in this expression of his beliefs. Your point is what? That since he said it, we should agree? Racism is wrong, regardless.

        • True, racism is wrong but racism played no part in the war of 1861. Both sides held similar racial views. The war was over control and money, not slavery so this recent protest is misguided at best.

          • Bobby Robinson

            You are the reason real people can’t have an intelligent conversation with you CONservatives matter how much proof history give you that the civil war was fought on come right back, not on fact,but on feeling, the same way you vote so you can continue to support a bunch of traitors who wanted to overthrow the government of the USA so they could continue to rape,lynch,and subjugate black people to inhuman condition whom you still believe.we black people was never inferior but superior.we are the first human on the dam planet, the rest of you came millions of years later.your jealousy of the black man have driven you mad, just like your father Satan hated Adam Our Father. Scientist it did a DNA study on black people from around the globe and it came back that we were 100% human, they also did a DNA study on you so-called white people and it came back that everyone of you had rhesus monkey and neanderthal DNA. Do you know that’s the reason the movie Planet of the Apes was created from that very idea,that the animals now was ruling over human,black and brown people. So continue to do what all CONservatives do, defended it so you can continue to believe and support. Because what more economical can you get when your when you’re getting free labor. That would affect anyone bottom line you bunch of dumbass idiot

          • JosephineSouthern


      • You are the real dope. It doesn’t matter how long ago it was, it was and still is wrong. BTW, I never even mentioned Lincoln and of course none of the perverted confederate loving scum ever build monuments to Lincoln because he is the one who led the Union to the defeat of the confederacy. You traitors lost, so get over it. Also Rebecca, women couldn’t even vote back then. I’m sure you think that was right and good too, don’t you?

        • Not true. Women could vote. It was simply not common as voting was qualified by land ownership. Some places did restrict voting by genders in general though. The term “traitors ” is inaccurate by definition as secession is legal.
          It’s obvious your historical knowledge is limited in this subject matter. I’d suggest reading more.

          • You are not “true”. You need to learn to read. Women could not vote back then and that is a historical FACT. Its in the history books. Your knowledge is what is limited as your vaunted Robert E. Lee said that what they had done was “TREASON”. I’d suggest that you go to grade school and learn to read. You guys are so stupid of actual facts it would be funny if it weren’t so insidious. The south fought against this country and the Constitution deliberately trying to overthrow the government and the constitution.

            The first defining principal of treason is to wage “WAR” on the USA. Whether or not a state had gone through the secession process or not before waging war against the USA is nitpicking the point in order to say that people who waged war on the USA is not treasonous. Even though Lee and his ilk led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans, at least he had the decency when it was over to admit that what they had done was TREASON.

            The very best you could say is that the confederacy was a blood thirsty ENEMY army who waged war against the USA. Either way they were true scoundrels, the antithesis of being a patriot and anybody who wants to celebrate what they did is as unpatriotic as one could now be. It is akin to celebrating the Japanese or the Nazi’s waging war against the USA. At least the people of Japan and Germany have enough integrity to not celebrate their horrible actions in waging war on us.

            You can lie until you are blue in the face, but actual writing of the leaders at that time said clearly that the “immediate” cause of the war was the institution of slavery as stated by the vice president of the confederacy. The states rights you like to refer to was first and foremost the right to keep and use slaves.

        • JosephineSouthern

          Chino, Death to TYRANTS. The Union had the power, money, arms, men to conquer the South from the beginning. They had more of everything and their blockade on our ports caused us great harm. So why did they dilly dally for 4 years with battle after battle and deaths mounting to 600,000 on each side? Follow the money. The coup was successful because the Union made war on civilians in every Confederate state and on those who had wanted to join them (Maryland, Kentucky, Missouri, Arizona) until they invaded smashed and took over every single one of them. These United States became THE United States; If you cannot leave you are NOT FREE!

    • You’re do realize that Stephens was AGAINST secession? You also realize that Stephens was paraphrasing a Pennsylvania judge who had said the same thing? And of course you know abraham Lincoln said almost the same thing in the Lincoln Douglas debates. But then a serious person would know that none of what Stephens said is relevant to the Confederate veterans memorial. Stephens’ speech may have relevance to secession (which is doubtful since he opposed that act) but it has zero bearing on the war or the soldiers who fought in it. The actual war had nothing to do with slavery and the soldiers fighting did not believe they were fighting over slavery. When you add the number of blacks and other races who served in the Confederate military it becomes absurd to make racist claims against veteran’s memorials. Please, get an education.

      • No Black people fought for the confederacy as it was against confederate LAW to allow a Black man to have a weapon. Stephens was about as gung ho for the war as could be as he felt it was imminently NECESSARY.

        Stephens wrote and spoke what was the confederate mantra. It matters not that other people were saying the same kind of things. Stephens was the vice president of the confederacy and It has everything to do with the confederate veterans memorial and all confederate memorials as they all celebrate people who actually FOUGHT AGAINST this country. There is nothing honorable about that.

        Again, Stephens clearly said that the institution of slavery was the IMMEDIATE cause for the war. You can’t change that no matter how hard YOU try to REWRITE that actual history. To try and nitpick each individual soldier’s reason for becoming a confederate soldier is ridiculous. They fought on the side of evil and that is what matters. To say that they were just too stupid to learn EXACTLY why their leaders declared WAR on the US is very telling of their mentality. Before you go out and start KILLING your fellow countrymen you should know WHY.

        • Again more lies from Chino. There were numerous black confederate soldiers. Frederick Douglas even said so. poor little chino.. wrong again.

          • You are pitiful.

          • If that is the best you can do then you lose. chino can’t prove a point – chino can’t accept facts.

          • Very true. Several European observers of the war also commented on the number of blacks in the Confederate ranks. Usually modern so called “historians ” do not like to think of blacks in the 1800s as individuals with minds of their own who made decisions based on what they thought was best for them. Blacks are as intelligent and diverse as any other group. Sad that some people stereotype so much.

        • You obviously have nothing studied history. How many photographs does you want of armed black Confederate soldiers? How many enlistment papers do you need? Many blacks served in state units which transferred into Confederate service. The Confederate military rules manual (you can find a copy at Harvard) requires equal pay between white and black soldiers serving in equal positions. You really should research before making yourself look uneducated.
          Stephen’s was against secession. He never said slavery was a cause of the war. He said issues regarding slavery were causes for Secession in his opinion. The act of secession and the act of war are two different events. Once did not require the other.
          Your statement regarding the common soldier is plain stupid and bigoted. Besides, the Confederacy did not declare war on the u.s. Lincoln made their first hostile acts.
          You really really should read something before writing and trying to control your bigotry.

        • JosephineSouthern

          Against the law huh? Tell that to General Bedford Forrest, he had a cavalry full of Black riders with guns and he said: “NO BETTER SOLDIERS EVER LIVED”. Also see, General Cleburne, the Stonewall of the West; so Some did some didn’t, it was an independent Southern thing.

      • Chino and his ilk are not interested in education. They are interested in lying and spreading hate. Don’t waste your time trying to drive any info into his head.

    • JosephineSouthern

      That was obviously the truth that Stevens spoke at that time. After all they had won their freedom from the Kingdom of England; they had devised and in put place a Compact of States, a Constitution and a Bill of Rights. I don’t know any blacks that could have done that or did do that anywhere, they were still killing each other off in the Congo. The plaques should say that some did invest a goodly sum of their treasure into slaves from the auction block, for which they paid $1000 – $2000 cash money. These slaves were considered too valuable to risk, so a slave in chains was rare and the slave uncontrollable. It is undisputed there are some people of all colors who are like that. Most slaves did not commit crimes of any kind until they were freed; they were shown by the Union Army that it was ok to rape, burn, steal to get what they wanted or needed. Lynchings were a part of the justice system from the beginning of times, now we have an electric chair. Why are crimes of those lynched never mentioned by people like you; Why do you not feel for the little child raped or murdered? would have been one of those cheering at that lynching. Too much propaganda spin for power, votes, and money has so thoroughly tainted the truths of that time and age, that it will take real courage to overcome, and change attitudes. Teach thyself, search for the truths and leave no stone unturned.

      • JosephineSouthern

        mybad, I wrote Stevens, is Alexander Stephens of Georgia. Who did become a famous orator in the USA Senate. He was 5″1″ and called little Alec.

  2. Tony Zaksewicz

    As a witness to the part of the protest that occurred directly in front of the tea party set up, i found it funny, and sad, that the tea party member was yelling at them to get out of his city. As if the city is exclusively his, and those who share his ideals. If the tea party has the right to set up their exhibit with a cut out of Trump, than those who oppose also have the right to stage their protest. I also found it comical that if the protest was against a Confederate statue, than why would the crowd opposing the protesters start a USA chant? If you truly support and respect America than you should oppose anything Confederate related, seeing as that nation was established to break away from America and went to war to do so. The Confederacy and all of its monuments and icons are the most unpatriotic, Un-Americana symbols possible in this nation.

    • Democrats and the left wingers like are destroying America in a far worse fashion than any Confederate general ever did, and we aren’t telling people how to think, act or what to say. All the South wanted was to be left alone. If Blacks and other groups can have their monuments, so can we. You are godless Communist and all you want is total control of people, so piss off and quit lying about what is American. You know dick.

      • The only ones destroying the country are the people who are labeling and causing a divide based on that label. I’m neither a democrat nor a left winger, yet since i said something that contradicts your narrow point of view, you feel the need to label me and attack me on that premise. The south wanted to be left alone and enslave an entire race the same way the Nazis wanted to be left alone and eliminate undesirables. Sometimes the desires of a nation or group are immoral and need to be taken down. Monuments of honor, struggle and accomplishment are one thing. Monuments that celebrate people and groups that wanted separate from America and were traitors to America are…..unpatriotic. Monuments that celebrate those who overcome ignorant people who try to oppress them are one thing. Monuments that celebrate those who support and allow others to be oppressed will only be supported by the ignorant or racist oppressors. Seems as if you want America to fit into your ideal of it instead of what it truly stands for, which is liberty and justice FOR ALL, which is in direct contradiction to what the Confederacy wanted to establish. Or maybe it’s just that you agree with what they stood for, liberty and justice for a select few privileged and massive oppression and exploitation based on racial category.

        • You obviously have read little on Confederate history or southern history in general.
          The Confederate military was more egalitarian and integrated that that of the United states. The Confederate Congress had a more diverse representative body. The Confederate states did not fight to enslave anyone just as the United states did not fight to free anyone. At the creation of the csa there were MORE slave states/territories inside the United states than in the confederacy. The United states offered to make slavery perpetual, permanent, and untouchable by amendment (corwin amendment) but the 7 Confederate states refused to rejoin the union as slavery was not the most important issue to them.
          Obviously you know little about Confederate memorials or why they were placed. Read. It’s the best cure.

        • JosephineSouthern

          Zak5 turn around everything you said and you will see yourself. what you are standing for is liberty and justice for a select few privileged and massive oppression and exploitation based on racial category. Seems as if you want America to fit into your ideal of it instead of what it truly stands for, which is liberty and justice FOR ALL.

      • The fact that you think someone must be either a communist or a racist douchebag like yourself is so adorable. And I think you need to look up the word “destroy” because you seem to think it means “change in a way I don’t like.”
        Nuclear weapons aimed at our cities, millions dead, plague, famine, complete economic collapse, that would be destroying America. A black person living next door to you? That’s not destruction.

    • JosephineSouthern

      Sak5 you obviously don’t believe in RECONCILIATION nor would your type approve of the 1958 Congressional order that determined all thr soldiers of the Confederate State of America to be VETERANS of The United States and entitled to the same treatment as any veteran. That is the reasons for the USA Chant. This Rev leading the protest is exercising black supremacy and wielding black power to destroy our heritage. He and you are most likely a transplant to St. Augustine, and have little understanding of the issues and the way it was in 1861. Judge NOT by todays standards what did happen 150 years ago.

  3. Lincoln was the traitor … and those that supported him then and those that do so now.

  4. Racist morons pretending not to be racist morons. Nothing to see here, folks, just the Trump-voting knuckle-draggers who are terrified at the prospect of black people and white people living and working together as equals. Go check their facebook feeds and youtube comments, you’ll find they’re all full of vicious, disgusting slurs. It’s hilarious how these pumpkin-humpers will use the nastiest racial slurs in the very same sentence where they claim not to be racist.

  5. ask the trouble maker for their Green card 1st before you whack them in the snott locker

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