A home in southeast Gainesville had its weatherhead destroyed during Hurricane Irma. The problem was not fixed until the week of Christmas, following publication of WUFT's story about the family's plight. (Emma Green/WUFT News)
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Untold Florida: What Unresolved Hurricane Irma Damage Have You Seen?


From a 30-minute documentary about what comes after the storm to the story of a family who went for months without power due to a Gainesville Regional Utilities policy, WUFT has covered the aftermath of Hurricane Irma ever since the storm made landfall.

Now, as the 2018 hurricane season approaches, we want to know: What damage from last year’s biggest storm in Florida are you still seeing? What hasn’t been fixed? Where is cleanup still required?

We’ll report the answers in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, you can explore the rest of our post-Irma coverage here.

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Ethan is a journalist at WUFT News. He's a Pennsylvania native who found a home reporting Florida's stories. Reach him by emailing emagoc@wuft.org or calling 352-294-1525.

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