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Blocks-N-Bricks Event Promotes Creativity For All Ages in Tampa Area


Over a thousand people from the Tampa area and beyond came out to enjoy the Lego displays, vendors and building zones at the Blocks-N-Bricks event in New Port Richey over the weekend.

The event, started by married duo Dawn and James Burrows, was created to bring Lego creations to smaller communities.

“When you look at a box and it says for ages 3 to 99, they’re not kidding,” co-founder Dawn Burrows said. “There’s no reason that you have to stop building just because you reach a certain age. That’s ridiculous.”

Burrow’s husband James discovered a love for building as an adult after Burrows asked him if he could build a replica of the Arby’s restaurant she managed at the time.

“I didn’t pick it up until I was 45, and it’s changed my life,” said James Burrows. “This is my career, this is what I do for a living.”

The couple now runs The Brick University, a Lego Shop in Springhill, and James Burrow said his goal is to help other Lego builders in the Tampa area.

“I just never stopped,” he said. “I had a lot of fun doing it and learned a lot doing it.”

Caleb Walker, 14, said, “Whenever I was about 12 years old I met James, and he has kind of grown me into getting more into building older sets and kind of getting to know rare things.”

Another event attendee, Bryan Marshall, said,”It’s neat to see the new models that the kids are into but then think back when I was you know 10 years old and building.”

Information about more upcoming events and displays can be found on The Brick University’s Facebook page.

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