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  1. F.D. Stephenson, LCSW, BCD

    In your guts, you know he’s nuts….Ted Yoho that is. It’s often been said that the greatest danger to democracy is the “uninformed voter”. Given today’s very deficient thinking about adequate weapons control and the overall regressive legislative record of Rep.Ted Yoho, we must conclude that the greatest danger to democracy and public safety has become the uninformed /abusive legislator. Voters in our 3rd District are largely unaware of Ted Yoho’s history of obstruction and sabotage, all in service to various corporate masters , including numerous military/industrial complex entities. He has an A+ rating with the now infamous NRA.

    As a member of the GOP U.S. “House Freedom Caucus”, Ted Yoho’s political strategy has been to pass only tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations, and spending cuts on essential things like maintaining our infrastructure and scientific research, education and cutting regulations that protect people and the environment from being harmed by corporations, like the profiteering weapons industry, always seeking profit at any cost.(& never mind the externalities). Yoho co-sponsored the “Defund Planned Parenthood Act” in 2015, and recently voted for laws which in effect terminate health insurance for thousands of his constituents in District 3. The deadly GOP tax bill was supported by Yoho as well.

    When Rep. Yoho and the ‘Freedom Caucus’ are not hammering their constituency by waging war on the threadbare safety net programs , they’re running as fast as they can away from the issue of poverty while stripping healthcare coverage from millions in the USA to fund tax breaks for millionaires. There’s no way around it, whatever some may tell themselves to help them sleep at night.

  2. …one more congressman totally out of touch with We, the People…

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