Man Arrested After Fleeing Scene of Double Homicide at Southwest Gainesville Apartment Complex

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A suspect is in custody after a Tuesday afternoon double homicide of two men at a Gainesville apartment complex, along with a woman’s kidnapping.

Cedric Plummer, 23, is a suspect in the murders of Summer Place Villa employees Jude Osuji Jr. and Robert Brumbaugh, plus the kidnapping of another employee. According to Gainesville police, the police were called to Summer Place Villa and found the two men dead in the apartment office from gunshots wounds.

They received information that Plummer had taken a 19-year-old woman hostage, and he was traveling toward Georgia. Law enforcement in Georgia stopped the vehicle on I-75 near Valdosta and found the gun used in the shooting. GPD says Hailey Louise Roberts was the woman kidnapped and held hostage after the meeting.

According to investigators, the murders of Osuji and Brumbaugh at Summer Place Villa was a dispute that began Feb. 2. GPD says Plummer became involved in a dispute with management after he destroyed the inside of an apartment and stopped employees from fixing the damage.

GPD had previously responded to the apartments at least three times due to what management said was Plummer’s aggressive behavior. Plummer was the one who scheduled a meeting with Brumbaugh and Osuji, and investigators say he then shut the office door without a word and killed both men with a .380-caliber handgun.

GPD said Plummer then kidnapped Roberts and forced her to drive to Valdosta where eventually Georgia law enforcement apprehended him and rescued Roberts.

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