Santa Fe Planetarium Hosts Solar Eclipse Viewing


Nearly 250 people gathered at Santa Fe’s Kika Silva Pla Planetarium Monday afternoon to witness the 2017 total solar eclipse.

Through designated solar eclipse glasses and homemade pinhole cameras, everyone present was able to enjoy the 89 percent sun coverage in Gainesville.

“What makes this so different is the fact that it’s going to traverse the entire United States,” said Jim Weichold, an astronomy professor at Santa Fe.

The eclipse made its first appearance over Salem, Oregon.

Once the clouds cleared in Gainesville, all eyes were pointed up. However, there were precautions to be aware of.

“During an eclipse, it does…get a little bit dimmer outside,” said Dina Zinny, an assistant coordinator at the Santa Fe Planetarium. “When that happens, the irises in your eye open up to collect more light.”

For those without a proper way to view the eclipse, the Santa Fe astronomy club set up a telescope to create a projection.

The next total solar eclipse seen in the US is set for 2024 starting in Texas.


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