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After Putting On Specialty Glasses, Colorblind Lakeland Man Goes Viral


Like 8 percent of men, Lakeland resident Noel Stafford has trouble perceiving one or more colors accurately.

But for the first time ever on his 66th birthday, he was able to see color thanks to a present: a pair of EnChroma glasses.

A video posted to Facebook capturing the moment he first put them on has garnered more than 1 million views.

“The love I had for [my family], their true colors came out and I felt that,” he said. “That’s why I was touched.”

The EnChroma glasses, which sell for between $200 and $400, enhance the vibrancy and saturation of certain colors to improve color discrimination, depth and detail perception.

“It’s a really cool position to be in to be able to watch people experience this … help them experience a more colorful world,” said Kent Streeb, EnChroma’s director of marketing.

The results, though, may vary depending on each person’s type and severity of vision deficiency.

Stafford’s daughter, Molly Ainge, said she’s happy her father can now perceive colors correctly.

“As an adult I realized, wow, my dad did not see color the way we did,” she said. “Bless his heart, he couldn’t even pick out socks to match.”

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