USPS Launches New Program Nationwide


The United States Postal Service launched its Informed Delivery program today across the country. This program emails people photos of mail that will be delivered to their mailboxes the next day.  

Informed Delivery is a free program with online registration. Each email will have up to 10 images of the front side of incoming mail.

Twana Barber, communications specialist at USPS, said Informed Delivery has several benefits.

“With the increase in technology, it shows a way to connect to our customers that are using technology,” she said.

Barber said the program would help those who are expecting important documents in the mail.

“Because we are entering into a tax season, sometimes people may be looking for a refund check or some letters,” she said. “[Informed Delivery] is just a better way to plan your day.”

Gainesville resident John Hancock said he is happy a program like this now exists.

“I used to live just right on the corner [by the post office], but we have moved six and a half miles north of the highway patrol station on 441,” he said. “[Informed Delivery] would keep me from coming into town more than I have to, so that’d be perfect for me.”

Some residents think Informed Delivery could be useful, but also might be a waste of resources.

“There might be some benefits, it might be a little bit of a waste, but if it’s utilized efficiently there shouldn’t be any problem with it,” Gainesville resident Ryan Dyson said.

Ultimately, Barber said she believes Informed Delivery will improve business that has declined over the past few years.

“We’re connecting to the customers, letting them know their mail is going to be there, we’re showing them pictures,” she said. “Anything that’s connecting you to the customers is a good thing.”

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