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Gainesville Police Arrest Miami Man Wanted By Secret Service

Edrey Acosta (Photos courtesy Gainesville police)

Gainesville police arrested a man on Tuesday wanted by the United States Secret Service and another man for their possession of almost 50 fraudulent credit cards and several pieces of gas-pump-skimming equipment.

Edrey Acosta, 27, and, 39, both from Miami, were speeding on Interstate 75 when a Gainesville Police Department officer pulled the men over, according to a news release from the department.

The officer’s police dog indicated there were narcotics in the vehicle, so the officer searched the car.

The car contained nearly 50 credit cars with altered magnetic strips made to hold different information than what the card face showed, the release said.

Rogelio Delgado Gonzalez

Also found were gas-pump skimmers and multiple keys police said appeared to be used to open gas pumps so the men could install the skimmers, which have been problematic recently in Alachua County.

Officials are investigating the number of victims affected by the men’s skimmers and fraudulent credit cards.

Both men were charged with trafficking counterfeit credit cards and using a device to re-encode credit cards, and they’re being held in the Alachua County Jail.

Acosta is wanted by the U.S. Secret Service for counterfeiting and identity theft and will be put into their custody.

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