Zeus has a curious and frisky personality. He will reunite with former officer Andrew Hinson in his retirement. (Gabriella Nunez/WUFT News)
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Two Gainesville Police Horses Retire After Decade of Service


Two Gainesville Police Department service horses retired after more than a decade of service Tuesday.

Zeus and Merlin both joined GPD’s Mounted Unit in 2006 and were primarily used to patrol the streets and for crowd control.

After years in the service, Zeus will retire to his previous owner, Cheryl Rhoden, who donated him to GPD and Merlin will be under the care of former officer Andrew Hinson.

GPD currently has four Mounted Patrol horses and two riders, now that Merlin and Zeus have retired they will be left with two: Bolt and Rusty. GPD is not planning on training more horses.

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