Senate Bill Calls For Tax-Free Feminine Hygiene Products


Eight Florida senators voted, unanimously, in favor of a bill proposing to exempt feminine hygiene products from taxes Monday.

Senator Kathleen Passidomo (R-Naples) proposed the bill (SB 176) on Dec. 15, where it was referred to the committee of commerce and tourism. From there, a committee hearing was held and it passed favorably.

The bill plans to exempt feminine hygiene products, defined as “a product used to absorb or contain menstrual flow, including, but not limited to, tampons, sanitary napkins, panty liners and menstrual cups,” in a draft of the proposal by Passidomo.

“It’s a simple bill,” Passidomo said. “It was brought to our attention when I got a number of emails last year.”

Florida is one of many states that continue to pay this “pink tax” in comparison to at least eight states, according to Passidomo.

“We’ve estimated that women in the state of Florida pay around $15 million in sales tax on these products,” Passidomo said.

The “pink tax” exemptions have passed in Illinois, Connecticut and New York, according to the Associated Press. Other states such as Maryland do not have to apply sales taxes at all.

The bill moved forward after originally being proposed by Florida House Representative Katie Edwards in November.

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