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Protests Continue Over Sabal Trail Pipeline Construction


Several protestors gathered Monday outside the Dunnellon residence of Kathy Lane, a newly established activist affected by the Sabal Trail Pipeline project.

Concerns about the project include damage to private property, harm to Florida’s springs, overall water pollution and the risk of leaks and explosions, among other things.

Since the project began, it has been “like a war zone,” according to Lane, whose land is now scarred with deep track marks from the more than 25 heavy equipment trucks that are usually parked just beyond her fence. Construction crews usually arrive at 7 a.m. and do not leave until 5; however, none were present Monday where protestors gathered.

Protestors traveled from all over Florida to show their support for Lane, who reached out to people who shared her concerns via Facebook. Lane has also been communicating with activists speaking out against the larger-scale Dakota Access Pipeline in North Dakota.

“I’m trying to fight back in the little way that I can,” she said. “I know its minimal, but I’ve had support, and I have tons of friend requests from people out in the Dakotas.

“I just want people to see my Facebook and my videos and to understand where I’m coming from.”

Lane feels helpless in the situation. She said she doesn’t blame her neighbors who accepted money from Sabal so that the company could continue the project.

“There are so many different aspects to it,” Lane said. “There are environmental and geological issues, but I don’t like to be bullied.”

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  • Thomas Jones

    Simple: Use an old Earth First Tactic. Fill the fuel tanks with sand and dirt when they are parked overnite. A .22 bullet in each tire also helps.

    • DiscourseDiatribe

      Felony damage, good luck with that.

      Typical of your kind, not so peaceful sitting in jail wondering how you’ll explain felony charges to your family and employers.

      You should be charged with terrorist threats Thomas Jones perhaps sabal trail pipeline would like to know about your plans so that the Florida Sherrif and law enforcement can contact you!