Racial Message Written On UF Dorm Door


Since the recent election of President-elect Donald Trump, political and racial tensions are surfacing at the University of Florida campus.

Sometime on either Thursday or Friday, someone wrote a racist message on one of the doors in the Beaty Towers dorms.

“I’m kind of surprised because you know how a university is supposed to be more liberal, so you expect people to be more supportive about it and not do something like that,” said Ronnie Demosthene, a Beaty Towers resident. “So its kind of scary because I live here, and for me, as you can tell, my race is like an issue. I feel like I could be the next target.”

After the incident, UF President Kent Fuchs issued a statement about the vandalism.

“As terrible, from a racial perspective, as anyone can imagine was the message that was sprawled all up and down this door, which has now been painted over,” he said.

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