Man Says Sabal Trail Pipeline Construction Damaged His Backyard


One Bronson homeowner started his day watching a bulldozer work closer and closer to his property.

The Sabal Trail Pipeline, a $3 billion dollar project stretching over 500 miles, has homeowners devastated after realizing the project would take place so close to their homes.

“My loved one’s ashes are right there which means they’re going to be washed away now,” homeowner Robin Koon said.

The route has long stretches in Florida through Gilchrist and Levy County and also cuts across the southwest tip of Alachua county and the Southwest section of Marion County.

People opposed to the project have held protests at stops along the route. A few protesters gathered near Bronson where land clearing is underway.

Recently, in Gilchrist County, officers arrested a few protesters after they chained themselves to equipment, so Levy County deputies showed up at the site in Bronson.

“We’re not there to draw any lines in the sand, we’re not out there to take any side,” said Levy County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Scott Tummond. “However, the people do have a job to do and the citizens have the right to protests. We just want to make sure it’s done peacefully and within the confines of the law.”

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  1. This is the worst kind of theft of people’s lands ever. This natural gas is for export. None of this will be for us. This multi billion dollar company has been given more power than our own governor. Who has invested in this pipeline by the way. People need to rise up and say NO! WHERE ARE FLORIDA’S #WATERPROTECTORS? #STOPSABALTRAIL!

    • This man has a couple of hundred feet of power line right of way before the pipeline right of way, hundreds of feet away from his actual back yard!

      You mean to tell me he scatters his families ashes on the other side of a power line easement? On property that does not even belong to him?

      This is why no one takes you or the protesters seriously because when the facts come out your outlandish claims are laughable!

      The actual line is not even on him. I think you are exploiting some emotionally disturbed individual for your own gain. You should be ashamed of your actions.

      • Tell us more about your fictional tribal cemetery.

      • Alexis Leigha Earnhart

        BTW the house is less than 100ft from where the pipeline will be.. the power lines are in between the 2.. so come again on the feet!.. the pipeline will be 60ft away to be exact.

        • So you and your family decided to figuratively entomb your ancestors next to property that you did not own literally with in inches.

          If I am to understand you correctly you and your living family decided to make a grave yard whereby an electric easement sat.

          Then only to find out that was a mistake.

          Oh wait I’m sorry I did not mean to scatter the ashes of my ancestry upon a power line easement that could later be conjoined with a power line easement.

          Only to respond that the notification that yet another easement would traverse said property by throwing said notification into the trash.

          Did you know that there was yet another easement there. Of course not. Because you and your family were too busy throwing notifications away.

      • Alexis Leigha Earnhart

        The property does belong to us, thank you. We would not spread our family members on a random piece of property.

  2. This man was duly notified several times regarding the proposed pipeline, by his own admission he threw the notices in the trash.

    This company acted in good faith to have a dialogue with this person and was ignored and rebuffed at each turn. A federal agency granted a permit to the company after several environmental impact studies and proper procedures were adhered to.

    America is a nation of laws, this is an example of that. Outlandish claims by emotional environmental zealots do not hold up in a court of law.

    Now that construction has begun he makes outlandish claims of this company destroying a family cemetery.

    This pipeline will be built to supply the great state of Florida with cheap clean burning energy to assist the infrastructure for the ever growing population expansion.

    • You have no idea what you are talking about. It is not a tribal cemetery.

      Read the story again then get back to us.

      This is why no one takes you seriously.

    • Do you even know where your tribe is buried?

      • Yes, elders are buried exactly where this pipeline was installed. Please forward me the directions to where your grandma is buried so that I can dig her up. We are thinking of putting in an outhouse.

    • Alexis Leigha Earnhart

      It did not start as a tribal cemetery. It has my family’s ashes spread on my parents person property. Yes he threw away the letters stating “we want your property for $1400″ no agreements were made, yes they did talk! My brother, 2 uncles and 2 other family members are spread out there. I lived there for 18 years and never thought something like this would happen nor did my parents so that’s why we chose that area to spread them. For those that choose to be disrespectful of those who are having their property taken from them and have their families ashes get rooted up, Karmas a bitch. May not happen the same way to you, but when something that belongs to you gets taken away and you want to fight the person who’s taking it. Just remember you had no sympathy for those who had their land and family members taken from them..

      btw-this gas is for EXPORT it will not benefit anyone in Florida or any of the other states this is going through or even US.

      We also have proof that they are supposed to be going around the ashes, but they have disregarded that. YES, we have been in contact with lawyers.

      Another thing, I think it’s funny how all these people seem to know so much about my family. You seem to know that my families ashes are not out there how is that? Do you know where this property is? Do you know my family? No? Ok, so for you to tell me that ” oh all the sudden now there’s a burial” no, it’s been there! Since 2002 to be exact.. the latest famil member to be spread out was my brother Tony Burns in 2013.

      Anything else you wish to know?

      • Ok, can you tell us just exactly where this cemetery is? Just exactly where in-between the power-line easement and the pipeline easement and the “back yard”?

        I Would also like to know why you would place “family ashes” on an easement? This make no sense.

        Do not pretend to have the moral high ground when throwing legal paperwork in the trash then pretend you were taken advantage of.

        Further more this line does go to Duke energy to supply the power plants with natural gas for cleaner efficient energy.

        The Duke Nuclear plant was shut down, thus natural gas is the only option as coal was banned by the previous administration via “Making it to costly to use”.

        Give me a break

        • Alexis Leigha Earnhart

          First of all it’s not an easement, it’s ON the 2 acres of land they are claiming eminent domain on. It’s actually almost touching a pond, so they will be going through a pond. If I could post a picture on here I’d show you exactly were it is.

          Do you have Duke? Because they don’t nor does most of the people who’s property they are claiming. So it’s not going to help them. But it’s not anyways because as I repeat myself, it is for export. I guess you will just have to wait and see.

          Also I’ll repeat again, yes he threw the paper away because it was an insult and he also had other things going on like the death of his brother and having to move in his mother who has dementia from Umatilla (Orlando area). I will also repeat, they did eventually talk, but NOTHING was agreed upon that’s when they claime the land. He’s to the point now that all he wants is for them to at least go around the ashes, so they did agree to that. They showed us are plans and everything, but guess what. They changed their mind because going 25-50 out of the way is not beneficial for them. They don’t care about anyone. They do make pipes that have curves in them not all are straight before anyone says pipes don’t bend..

          Gas isn’t the only option, their is solar. However, they can’t make money off of solar. So gas is the only money making option.!

          • You lost me at solar, and come off as an activist with an ax to grind.

            These companies do cultural and environmental studies. You don’t seriously expect me to believe that this company is going to lay a pipeline across a family cemetery do you ?

            This whole thing in my opinion is without merit. You and your family have legal recourse if you can prove what you are saying I’m not begrudging you that point.

            Try the court system as is your right and not in the court of public opinion.

          • Alexis Leigha Earnhart

            We do have proof that they were supposed to be going around the ASHES, it’s not documented at a “cemetery” with the city of Bronson. If we had known we HAD to notify someone that we spread ashes on our personal property to prevent them later on to not be dug up by a company. We would have, but it’s been 14 years since the first ashes were spread. We did not think our land would be taken…

            Is there a way to share a photo on here?
            If there is I’ll show you the map layout they sent showing them going around.

          • Well then obviously you have legal recourse.

            If you do not, which I believe you don’t then shut up.

          • I know that you are trying your case in the court of public opinion and losing.

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