Man Says Sabal Trail Pipeline Construction Damaged His Backyard


One Bronson homeowner started his day watching a bulldozer work closer and closer to his property.

The Sabal Trail Pipeline, a $3 billion dollar project stretching over 500 miles, has homeowners devastated after realizing the project would take place so close to their homes.

“My loved one’s ashes are right there which means they’re going to be washed away now,” homeowner Robin Koon said.

The route has long stretches in Florida through Gilchrist and Levy County and also cuts across the southwest tip of Alachua county and the Southwest section of Marion County.

People opposed to the project have held protests at stops along the route. A few protesters gathered near Bronson where land clearing is underway.

Recently, in Gilchrist County, officers arrested a few protesters after they chained themselves to equipment, so Levy County deputies showed up at the site in Bronson.

“We’re not there to draw any lines in the sand, we’re not out there to take any side,” said Levy County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Scott Tummond. “However, the people do have a job to do and the citizens have the right to protests. We just want to make sure it’s done peacefully and within the confines of the law.”

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