Construction Along NW 8th Ave Is Finally Done, Almost


The Northwest 8th Avenue construction that has been in the works for years is now almost finished.

The improved road has segments that were resurfaced or reconstructed between Northwest 6th and 41st Streets.

The area between 6th and 34th Streets now have two eastbound lanes, one westbound lane additional bike lanes and wider sidewalks.

Some residents along the reconstructed corridor were pleased with the results.

“It is a challenging traffic situation, but with the resources they’ve had they’ve done an outstanding job, said Arnall Downs who lives right off the road.

However, one resident who lives closer to 34th Street, would like to have seen more improvements along that stretch of NW 8th Ave.

“There are so many people that bike and walk in these areas and it doesn’t feel like it has benefitted people in this area,” said Kristy Sutton, a parent of kids at Littlewood Elementary School who also lives on the road. “I can tell you the problems on this end. I can tell you that speed is a factor. There are so many kids that walk all the way up to Suburban Heights. This area is just full of so many kids.”

The $5.75 million dollar project was funded through the City of Gainesville Capital Improvement plan.

“It’s an improvement, but not all that I would hope. In terms of safety it is a major improvement,” said Downs.

The project should be completed by the end of the year, according to Chip Skinner, spokesperson for Gainesville’s Public Works Department.

“For the most part the [construction is done]. We do have deficiencies in sidewalks as well as asphalt there on the underpass of 13th street that we have to address,” said Skinner. “These repairs will be paid for by the contract company and not the taxpayer.”


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