Police: Employee Of Wells Fargo, SunTrust Takes Almost $700K

Connie Moorman Willis (Photo courtesy Ocala police)
Connie Moorman Willis (Photo courtesy Ocala police)

A former employee of an Ocala Wells Fargo and several SunTrust locations was arrested Monday by Ocala police after an investigation revealed that she stole almost $700,000 from individual and business accounts at those banks.

Connie Moorman Willis, 52, was charged with four counts of criminal use of personal identification and four counts of grand theft, according to a news release from the Ocala Police Department.

“Detective [Wayne] Greene did an outstanding job in following the paper trails and leads,” Ocala police spokeswoman Sgt. Cynthia Barnes told WUFT News.

The investigation began while Willis was still working at the Wells Fargo Bank on Southwest 17th Street in Ocala, the release says. While there, her aunt made a report of identity theft.

But after her employment ended at Wells Fargo, Willis worked at multiple SunTrust banks, the release says. Police later found that a SunTrust account Willis created in someone else’s name was used to pay for the aunt’s credit cards.

Police found the account to be fraudulent after reaching out to the person whose name Willis created the account with, the release says. That customer had other real accounts handled by Willis at the bank, but he said he was unaware of the account Willis created.

SunTrust “was very helpful in bringing this to an end,” Barnes said.

In all, Willis stole a total of $688,326.35 from six accounts across the banks, the release says. All but one of the victims were over the age of 60.

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