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Ocala Mayor Discusses Sexual Harassment Allegations Made Against Police Chief


Ocala Mayor Kent Guinn on Monday spoke publicly about the allegations made against Police Chief Greg Graham for the first time.

Three officers have accused the chief of sexual harassment, discrimination and retaliation.

“I have not placed the chief on administrative leave nor suspension,” Guinn said. “At this point these are simply allegations.”

The mayor said he is not concerned that Graham is still the supervisor to the three employees

“Why would I be concerned about that?” he said, noting the chief does not have contact with the three employees at this time.

The city brought in Robert Larkin of the law firm Allen Norton & Blue of Tallahassee, which it often uses.

Bobi J. Frank is the attorney for all three employees who filed grievances against Chief Graham.

Frank wants the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, to become involved in this case, saying “it’s the best we have in the state, it’s free, why wouldn’t we rely on them?”

She’s requested an independent third party investigation of the allegations, but FDLE cannot step in unless the mayor authorizes that.

“The mayor — left to his own devices — is going to continue to stand with Chief Graham. He has made that clear that he does not stand with the three victims,” Frank said.

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