Governor Scott Adds $10 Million More To Fight Zika


Florida Governor Rick Scott authorized an additional $10 million toward fighting the Zika virus today in his meeting with Congress.

The funding will be spent solely for Zika preparedness, which includes purchasing Zika prevention kits, training mosquito control technicians and observing mosquitoes, according to a press release.

“The time is up for politics and political debates about a major federal effort to stop Zika,” Scott said in a statement.

This increase brings the total Zika funding in Florida to $36.2 million. In June, Scott authorized $26.2 million from state funds to fight the virus, but he said most of that funding has already been distributed.

“With more than 75 cases of locally-acquired Zika and more requests from local communities for resources, we simply cannot wait on federal action any longer,” he said.

Richard Corcoran, the speaker-designate of the Florida House of Representatives, commended Scott’s action.

“The Governor and the Legislature are working as expeditiously as possible to take every action within our power to halt the spread of Zika,” Corcoran said in a statement.

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