Though Far Enough From a Church, Williston Liquor Store Owner Was Still Denied Permit


Williston City Council denied a permit to a liquor store trying to get its start near a church property.

Yash Patel, the liquor store owner, met the permit requirements by being more than 300 feet away from the church, but was still not allowed the permit for his liquor store.

Patel was denied because such a store wouldn’t enhance the general welfare of the city, councilman Danny Etheridge said.

“If this was considered a dry town or a town that didn’t serve alcohol, I would understand that. But they held him to a standard that they’ve already given exceptions to in the past,” Patel’s attorney Jose Moreno said.

Patel said the church has not paid rent, and Moreno wants to move forward with the case despite the city council’s actions.

Moreno said it would be better for the people of Williston to have the liquor store, as it would create competition and potentially drop the prices of liquor.

Moreno and Patel are currently planning an appeal to district court.

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