Florida Democratic Delegates Struggling To Unite


PHILADELPHIA — With the Democratic National Convention kicking off Monday in, the theme of the day is “United Together.”

So far, however, that goal has yet to be achieved for Florida delegates, with Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, caught up in the heat of debate.

Wasserman Schultz said in a statement Monday that she would not gavel in the first night of the convention.

It started with the release of over 20,000 emails by WikiLeaks on Friday. The emails showed Democratic Party leaders making several disturbing comments, but the emails that seem to have caught the attention of many Florida Delegates were the ones that didn’t look kindly on Senator Bernie Sander’s primary campaign.

At the first Florida delegation breakfast Monday morning, Wasserman Schultz made an appearance to speak to the Florida delegates, but when she walked on stage she was met by mixed reactions from the audience.

Bernie Sanders supporters booed and yelled “shame” while holding up signs saying “EMAIL.”  Wasserman Schultz constituents rose to cheer applaud her and encouraged her to speak.  The showdown ended when protesters were so loud Wasserman Schultz was unable to speak and then was escorted out of the room.

Seth Alexander, a Sanders supporter from Gainesville, was one of many who felt the emails reveal the election was unfair for Sanders.

“We’re supposed to be a party for the people. We’re not seeing that, we’re seeing (it’s a party for) some people,” Alexander said.

Florida delegate Bina Fink defended the congresswoman.

“The party is going to realize that they’re losing somebody amazing,” she said. “There’s really good people, but nobody like Debbie.”

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