Dana Dougherty from Deltona, Fla., cheers as she holds a Donal Trump figure during first day of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Monday, July 18, 2016. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

Florida Delegates Feeling “Excited. United. All for Trump and Pence.”


On the first day of the Republican National Convention, delegates from North and Central Florida came out in full force to show solidarity at the opening ceremonies.

Florida delegates from the state’s Republican Party had a busy first day in Cleveland. After an early morning breakfast with political speaker Frank Lutz, all 99 delegates and their alternates headed downtown for the convention’s opening ceremonies.

The Sunshine State delegates are feeling positive about the week ahead and there’s a sense as they mingle in their hotel lobby in Independence Ohio, that they mean it.

Ruth Coberley, from Osceola County, is an alternate. The Florida delegation, as a whole, is feeling very ready and strong, she said.

“Excited. United. All for Trump and Pence,” Coberley said.

Magaly Lockhart, better known as Rosa, came to watch and be a guest at the convention. A friend back home in Tampa asked her to come and she jumped at the chance to catch a glimpse of candidate Donald Trump.

“He always talks about the vets, how he loves the vets, and I love that about him,” Lockhart said.

The theme of the day, “Make America Safe Again” prompted border security discussions inside the arena. For Florida Republicans, Tuesday holds a southern state delegation tailgate before the convention.

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