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Florida Power and Light Purchased 1,300 Acres In Alachua County For Solar Farm


Florida Power and Light wants to build a 1,300 acre solar farm in Alachua County that will house a 74-megawatt power center.

The South Florida utility is hosting a neighborhood workshop at Hawthorne City Hall on July 6 at 6 p.m. for residents to learn about the project and voice their opinions.

Al Davis, a homeowner in Alachua County has been living on his property for 30 years. Davis has not seen the construction plans yet, but is worried about possible problems this may make for the homeowners.

“I  know what they’re saying about solar panels,  but solar panels produce electricity, which is a power plant, and that concerns me. When I can see what they actually are doing, what they’re constructing, how they’re constructing it, and the adverse effect I have on my property, then I can’t really say, again, negative or positive.”

Florida Power and Light is exploring other locations for more electricity projects within Florida.

Hawthorne Mayor Matthew Surrency said, “Anytime we can make some investments in solar or renewable energy I think that’s a great thing, not only for our community, but for the world as a whole.  Some wind power, some solar power, creates less detriments to our society as far as our Earth and everything else. I think that’s a great step forward.”

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