New Marion County Sales Tax To Benefit Fire Rescue


A new sales tax in Marion County meant to help the county’s fire department won’t be available until January.

Officials are saying they will spend part of the money from a recently passed sales-tax referendum on public-safety projects, which include upgrading technology used by the Marion County Fire Rescue.

“Where I want to see the money spend first is to elevate the equipment issues with the fire-rescue vehicles,” Marion County resident Jack Stackman said.

Marion County firefighters respond to calls daily. They rely on technology such as life packs and other tools that are in their ambulances and fire trucks.

The budget is set so the improvements will be put into place next year.

The sales tax was on the ballot in March, and 55 percent of Marion County voters approved the increase.

“We are very thankful to the citizens of Marion County for voting in the tax initiative,” Marion County Fire Rescue spokesman James Lucas said.


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