Florida Gov. Scott Signs 33 Bills Into Law

Florida Gov. Rick Scott and his wife, Ann, talk to potentail voters at David's Real Pit BBQ in Gainesville in October 2014. Scott signed 33 bills into law today. (File/WUFT News)
Florida Gov. Rick Scott and his wife, Ann, talk to potential voters at David’s Real Pit BBQ in Gainesville in October 2014. Scott signed 33 bills into law today. (File/WUFT News)

Florida Gov. Rick Scott signed the 33 bills into law, according to a news release from his office. They are:

HB 93 Law Enforcement Officer Body Cameras
This bill requires law enforcement agencies to establish policies and procedures regarding the use of body cameras.

HB 231 Motor Vehicle Manufacturer Licenses
This bill relates to contracts between motor vehicle manufacturers and dealers.

HB 293 Public Records
This bill revises a public records exemption regarding certain juvenile criminal history records.

HB 303 Unlicensed Activity Fees
This bill relates to unlicensed activity fees at the Department of Business and Professional Regulation.

HB 373 Mental Health Counseling Interns
This bill provides certain requirements for internship supervision at mental health institutions.

HB 387 Offenses Evidencing Prejudice
This bill revises an existing provision in Florida’s hate crime statutes for individuals with mental or physical disabilities.

HB 413 Title Insurance
This bill relates to title insurance companies.

HB 431 Fire Safety
This bill provides fire classifications for nonresidential farm buildings.

HB 549 Offenses Concerning Racketeering and Illegal Debts
This bill relates to the Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organization (RICO) Act.

HB 561 Organizational Structure of the Department of Environmental Protection
This bill revises the organizational structure of the Department of Environmental Protection.

HB 633 Public Food Service Establishments
This bill exempts religious and other non-profit organizations from regulations when hosting certain charity events.

HB 701 Art in the Capitol Competition
This bill creates the “Art in the Capitol Competition” for Florida students.

HB 749 Agriculture
This bill relates to the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services and the Florida Greenbelt Law.

HB 773 Special Assessments on Agricultural Lands
This bill exempts agricultural lands from certain local assessments.

HB 783 Unclaimed Property
This bill revises several provisions in the Florida Disposition of Unclaimed Property Act.

HB 793 Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program
This bill allows students to defer their acceptance of Florida Bright Futures Scholarships until completion of religious or service obligations.

HB 965 Fire Safety
This bill updates fire safety standards for assisted living facilities.

HB 967 Family Law
This bill creates the collaborative law process.

HB 971 Community Development Districts
This bill increases the size of certain Community Development Districts.

HB 1025 Public Records
This bill relates to public records and the state infrastructure bank program.

HB 1051 Anchoring Limitation Areas
This bill prohibits overnight anchoring of vessels in certain zones.

HB 1063 Public Records and Meetings
This bill creates a public records and meeting exemption for the Nurse Licensure Compact.

HB 1125 Eligibility for Employment as Child Care Personnel
The bill aligns requirements for child care facilities and providers with federal regulations.

HB 1133 Applicability of Revenue Laws to Out-of-State Businesses During Disaster-Response Periods
This bill exempts out-of-state businesses from certain requirements during disaster response.

HB 1149 Alternative Sanctioning
This bill allows alternative punishments for technical violations of probation.

HB 1181 Bad Faith Assertions of Patent Infringement
This bill relates to the Patent Troll Prevention Act.

HB 1219 Veterans’ Employment
This bill requires state agencies and authorizes local governments to implement a veterans’ employment recruitment plan.

HB 1245 Medicaid Provider Overpayments
This bill authorizes the Agency for Health Care Administration to certify certain payments.

HB 1333 Sexual Offenders
This bill increases registration requirements for sexual offenders and predators in compliance with the Adam Walsh Act.

HB 1347 Illicit Drugs
This bill expands the prohibition of synthetic drugs.

HB 4009 Slungshot
This bill makes it lawful to make, sell, and carry a concealed slungshot.

HB 7013 Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
This bill revises certain penalties for fish and wildlife violations.

HB 7025 At-Risk Vessels
This bill authorizes the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to prohibit vessels that are at-risk of becoming derelict from occupying state waters.

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