This Toothless Monkey Found A New Home In Gainesville


An abandoned monkey has found a home at a sanctuary that houses 300 other monkeys in Gainesville.

The Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary in Gainesville rescues monkeys that are ex-pets or that were used for research. The staff took in “Mongo” on March 5 after the Brown Capuchin had been left in a pet carrier on the side of the highway in Pennsylvania.

Founder and Executive Director of Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary Kari Bagnall said the woman who found Mongo emailed her saying she didn’t want to see him put down. He was wearing a collar, bleeding and missing his teeth when the woman found him.

Bagnall said people typically remove monkeys’ teeth to prevent them from biting. She thinks Mongo was someone’s pet, saying people often get a monkey and then a few years later decided they don’t want it anymore.

Bagnall is happy with Mongo’s progress. She said he is still a little skittish but is starting to warm up to her. He will be added in with two other female monkeys later this week.

To learn more about Mongo’s journey follow the Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary website or Facebook page.

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