Gainesville Coffee Shop Holds Latte Art Competition


In celebration of the one-year anniversary of its opening, Know Where Coffee, located at 1226 W. University Ave., invited local baristas to compete in its first latte art competition Monday night.

Sponsored by Zeal Coffee Roasters, the competition had three rounds before the final two competitors faced off. In the first round, competitors had to use latte cups, in the second, cappuccino cups, in the third, cortado cups and in the final round, the competitors were allowed to choose.

People gathered in the crowded coffee shop to watch as competitors poured steamed milk into coffee to create designs. Three judges selected the winner of each round based on texture, color, symmetry and difficulty.

In the end, Alfonso Guerrero, the owner of Know Where Coffee, won first place.

“The goal is for the baristas to practice, and the people get to drink those lattes for free,” Guerrero said.

Over-all, Guerrero was happy to finally host the first latte art event in Gainesville and is looking forward to hosting another competition  in the fall. He hopes to hold two per year.

“It’s been an idea that’s been brewing for at least four months, and we agreed our one-year anniversary was the right time to do it,” Guerrero said.

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