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Confederate Flags Fly Above Two Gainesville High Schools

The flagpole at Buchholz High School in Gainesville was vandalized this morning when a Confederate Battle Flag replaced the American flag normally flown there. (photo courtesy of Haris Khan)
The flagpole at Buchholz High School in Gainesville was vandalized this morning when a Confederate Battle Flag replaced the American flag normally flown there. (photo courtesy of Haris Khan)

Described as “an act of vandalism,” the American and Florida flags were removed overnight and replaced with the Confederate Battle flags at two of Gaineville’s high schools.

The flags, discovered this morning at Buchholz and Gainesville high schools, were quickly removed once the school day started.

Alachua County schools spokeswoman Jackie Johnson confirmed the main flag pole at Buchholz and a side flag pole outside the ROTC room at Gainesville High were targeted by the vandals. She said the flags were rigged “in such a way that the person had to go up on ladders to get the flag down.”

Johnson said the incident is being investigated, including examination of video from the areas. She said the Alachua County Sheriff’s office is investigating the incident at Buchholz and Gainesville Police Department is responsible for the investigation at Gainesville High.

“We don’t have any suspect information at this point, and the GPD school resource division is going to be looking into the incident,” said GPD spokesman Ben Tobias.

The battle flag has been in the news a great deal in the last few months, including controversy facing tomorrow’s event at the Gettysburg National Military Park where the National Parks Service issued a permit for what is being described as the inaugural Confederate Flag Day.

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  1. Good job, Florida! :D #RaiseYourBattleFlag

  2. Florida continues to embarrass. Put those flags of traitors in the garbage or a litter box, both are appropriate.

    • We’re the colonists traitors as well?

      • The colonists had a long train of abuses. The colonists had no representation to redress what they saw as unfair policies. The South had a vote. The South had recourse. The South has nothing in common with the Revolutionaries.

    • Oh please ! Get over yourself. It is just a prank by kids. No one got hurt and a piece of cloth isn’t that exciting or interesting unless people make it so. If people would stop getting so upset about it , it would stop.

  3. Disappointing.

  4. Keep it flying, why take it down?

  5. Pro Aris Et Focus

    Kudos to whoever did this.

  6. I say we leave Confederate battle flag on these flag poles and take that stars spangled flag of tyranny down forever. Thats not a federal school. We need to stop flying their flag over our schools.

    • It’s not a confederate school either. It’s a Florida school. And last time I checked Florida is one of the United States of America. The Confederate flag represents a traitorous confederacy predicated on the expansion of race0based slavery. Welcome to 2016.

      • Lincoln won through the electoral college. He did not win the popular vote. The South saw it’s influence fading away. The first seven states essentially declared their independence. When Lincoln started recruiting an army to invade the South the rest of the Southern states left. President Davis sent three peace party’s to negotiate a peaceful solution. Lincoln refused to meet with any of them. President Davis sent a letter to Lincoln seeking peace and never got a reply. Seeing the threat that Lincoln posed the Confederacy began recruiting troops. Again, no leading figure in the Confederacy was ever tried for treason. At that time many states and a majority of people viewed the Constitution as a voluntary compact. You need to quit looking at it from a 21st century perspective and place yourself in a 19th century mindset.

        • Are you seriously trying to argue that the Civil War and the Confederacy wasn’t predicated on race-based slavery?

  7. Excellent news! That Federal flag should be taken down permanently. It is sad when the occupied learn to love their occupier. Most people in the South suffer greatly from Stockholm Syndrome.

    • Not really. We in the South are still extremely bitter over the way Yankees have and still do treat us.

      • Maybe if the South learned that the Constitution applies to all citizens the Federal government wouldn’t need to intervene.

        • If Yankees quit telling us how to live we’d all get along better. When was the last time a Southern State had a major race issue? Black Spring Break is once again being held in Biloxi. Has since 2000. To be clear, they come to the state that has the last remaining Confederate symbol on its state flag. The hold their events right down the road from beauvior the last home of Jeffers Davis. You self-righteous know it all have spent generations looking down your noses at us.

          • I’m from the South. Funnily enough, I grew up on the Gulf Coast. Give an example of Yankee’s telling the South what to do since the 60s.

  8. Had the Confederacy won the ancestors of many of our fellow citizens would have remained in chains. That so many people can be indifferent–or hostile–to that fact is sad. Southern pride, where the “white” is implied. Heritage *and* hate.

    • Technology and industrialization would have replaced slavery. And 600000 Americans wouldn’t have had to die.

      • Baloney. The cotton gin increased the need for slaves. The South wanted to expand slavery, not simply to maintain it or let it die a natural death.

  9. William E. King II

    To all the racist supporters of the confederacy: The war was fought over slavery, plain and simple. Rich white men whose wealth was earned through the sweat and blood of African slaves saw no other way to maintain their wealth. The first state to secede and where the war of Southern Treason began, South Carolina, plainly states that their main reason for trying to leave the union was the federal position towards slavery; more specifically northern states not returning slaves to southern slave owners.

    Some contemporary Confederate supporters would try to say “no the federal government was infringing on states’ rights”. Yes I can totally see and agree with that view but let’s go further. The “right” that was being infringed upon was the right to own slaves. THERE IS NO point in trying to argue, it was written down by the people that started the war.The south tried to secede from the USA so they could own slaves then started a war about it.

    That is right, the South started the violence.

    The first shots fired were by southern soldiers attacking Ft. Sumter. The north fought against people that would have seen our country torn apart so that the wealthy could continue to own slaves. There is no honor in that, the same as there is no honor in starting a world war that resulted in tens of millions of lives lost.The mistake made by the United States was never outlawing the confederate flag, the flag of treason and racial oppression. It should have been outlawed the same way Germany outlawed the swastika. This was yet another case of poor people being sent to fight and die for the interests of the wealthy. Again, no honor.

    At the time of Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation there were about 3 million slaves in the US, that was about 11% of the total population. 11% is a lot, or it would seem so considering black people only make up ~12.5 of the current population and some white people (~70% or the total current population) are worried about going extinct as a race in this country. Why is slavery OK and defensible to some people in this country? How do people think that slavery would have just ended on its own when it took a FULL 100 YEARS after the Emancipation Proclamation for racial discrimination to be made illegal? IT HAD to be made illegal because white southerners spent 100 years murdering black men, women, and children across the south and Midwest while proudly flying their Confederate flags when doing it!

    There is no pride in the Confederate flag, unless you think racism and hate (and quite possibly genocide) are something to be prideful of. If you disagree please check to see which flags Neo-Nazi groups and the KKK fly most prominently.

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