Driver Crashes Into Wise’s Pharmacy In Gainesville

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A woman crashed her car into the front of Wise’s Pharmacy on Southwest Fourth Avenue in Gainesville on Wednesday afternoon, damaging the store’s front window.

“It looks like there was some sort of driver confusion or driver error that caused her to accelerate rather than break,” Gainesville police spokesman Ben Tobias said.

Dorian Trequil, a customer of Wise’s Pharmacy for more than 20 years, said of the silver Kia minivan sitting halfway inside the pharmacy: “I’m just mortified. I’m so sorry for the Wise family. This is such a wonderful pharmacy.”

There were employees inside the building at the time of the crash, but no one was injured, police said. The driver was also uninjured.

“Even though it’s a lot of damages, it’s a very simple thing,” Tobias said. “So the driver will likely be cited for careless driving depending on what the officer finds in his investigation.”

Oscar Johnson, a repairman for Quality Glass and Mirror, arrived shortly after the accident to help repair the front of the building. He said he was surprised to find that the accident seemed to have little impact on Wise’s operations.

“It still looks like it’s beat up pretty bad, but I mean look at them,” Johnson said. “They [are] still going, and the whole thing [is] wide open. So I’m sure this won’t stop them.”

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