Cox Increases Cable, Internet And Phone Rates


Cox Communications Internet, cable and phone customers will see an increase in their bills this year, if they haven’t already.

Due to what it calls an increased cost of business, Cox raised its rates by an average of $6.50 per month, said Cam Johnson, Cox Communications project affairs manager.

That average represents a cable and Internet bundle but varies based on the level of package customers may have, he said.

This price increase will affect all Cox customers, Johnson said.

“The main reason for the price increase from the TV side is the cost of the programming content,” he said.

The cost of programming covers sports fees, local broadcast fees, and the cost of TV shows, including actors’ salaries and studio production costs, Johnson said.

“It seems like they continue to increase rates nickel and dime, but it starts to add up,” said a Cox internet customer and Gainesville resident, Vernon Sturgill.


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  1. Thanks for the reminder, I just called Cox and canceled my cable TV service. What a waste of money. For $110 I get hundreds of channels of crap I don’t watch, and for a quarter of that I can switch to a package of streaming services with Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Prime. Cord cut.

  2. Longwolf, I’m not far behind you. The cost/value has declined, as has the quality of service. As any utility, Cox doesn’t do a.n.y.t.h.i.n.g. without a complaint. Or a threat.

  3. Our monthly rate went up $50/month and we have another year on our 2 year contract which supposedly guaranteed no cost increase. We are told we would have to pay them to get out of the contract. Does anyone know of a legal avenue to challenge this

  4. It os either this or at&t.

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