Zedalis Appeal to Sheriff Unsucessful, Candidate and Wife Fired From Force


The Alachua County Sheriff upheld her decision to fire Zachary and Kathleen Zedalis after an appeals process concluded today.

The detective and his wife, a sergeant, were fired earlier this week after an internal investigation surrounding a domestic disturbance last July between the two. The office released nearly a dozen documents, audio clips and other materials involved in the investigation, as well as two recent disciplinary actions against Mr. Zedalis while he was suspended from the office.

EarlierZac and Kathleen Zedalis To Be Fired From Alachua County Sheriff’s Office

Each were granted a Loudermill hearing, and at the conclusion Sheriff Sadie Darnell upheld her decision to terminate the couple, who are getting a divorce.

According to the release, “Sheriff Sadie Darnell advised both Detective Zachary Zedalis and Sergeant Kathleen Zedalis of her intent to terminate both of their employment at the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office as a result of one (1) sustained allegation of criminal conduct regarding Kathleen Zedalis and two (2) sustained allegations of criminal conduct, two (2) sustained allegations of untruthfulness and one (1) sustained allegation of performance of duty violations regarding Zachary Zedalis.”

Zedalis has called the investigation biased because he is running against Darnell for sheriff in the Nov. 8 election. He told WUFT News he intends to file suit against the sheriff’s office.




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