Are You Afraid To Be Muslim In America?


In light of recent terrorists attacks in the U.S. and abroad, many Muslim-Americans are living under a shroud of fear. The animosity thrust upon any and all practicing Islam can be daunting. For one Muslim student, the endless worry is exhausting. But for many young Muslim students, it’s all they’ve ever known.

“I feel like it’s this constant anxiety,” said 20-year-old Nashrah Ahmed. “Every time I open the news there’s something new to read about. Always another awful thing that’s happened, someone new saying awful racist stuff. It’s exhausting.”

There have been nearly three times as many attacks on mosques in the U.S. this year than last year. It feels personal now, Ahmed said. She never knows what will happen next.

Ahmed has grown up in the U.S. in a post 9/11 world. For her, islamophobia is nothing new, and she’s not alone.

“When people label me, or judge me or automatically assume anything about me especially about war or terror, it makes me feel sad,” said Najla Faddoul. “It makes me feel that the view we had of humanity is diminishing.”

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