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Football Game In Lake City Becomes Scene of Confederate Flag Rally

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The confederate flag has been a hot topic of debate this year.

Lawmakers have discussed the flag’s purpose and place in today’s society on both the state and local level, but on Friday night, the discussion trickled down to the school level.

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  1. I applaud those who brought their flags and stood up for our heritage. If blacks and other liberals would cease attempting to eradicate all things Southern and force their will upon us, we wouldn’t need Confederate flag rallies. How would they like it if we started protesting Martin Luther King Jr. Day? This is a game two sides can play and it’s time we showed them blacks aren’t the only ones in this country who have rights.

  2. Amanda Millisa Hargis

    Well lets look at this here…a mental ill kid misused the flag and shot up a church, it was banned we lost Dukes of Hazzard, the flag, gone with the wind, cartoons, monuments, even dead bodies. It was a full blown assault against all things confederate and they were insulting many African americans to because Lincoln murdererd a while lot of FREE BLACK MEN in that war….funny how none of this applies to mosque, islam now isn’t it>! That flags purpose during the war and NOW is against TYRANT government and suppression of our rights. 1st amendment not a DAMN thing you can do about it!

  3. Concerned in Lake City

    Fact Check: Gone With the Wind is fine, still making money – Amazon.

    Murderer in SC massacre of 9 people in a house of worship, D. Roof was 21 at time of shooting, a legal adult. – NYTimes.

    You can never lose Dukes of Hazard. It is with you, always.

    Lincoln never murdered anyone; he ordered soldiers into battle. Using that logic, many, many presidents are all murderers, including Reagan and both Bush Sr. and Jr. Lincoln actually helped to prevent civilian casualties, -William Lee Miller writes of Lincoln’s resolve for peace, “On November 19, 1864 he wrote to General William Rosecrans: “I wish you to do nothing merely for revenge, but that which you may do shall be solely done with reference to the security of the future.” -Words of Abraham Lincoln.

    You are right that none of this does apply to Islam, because The 1st Amendment: freedom of religion for everyone. -The Constitution

    If you think caring that your citizens are enslaved equals tyranny, you might not know what a tyrant is; tyrants are the slave-owners, not the people who free slaves. -Merriam Webster.

    Mr. Fraser: everyone has the same rights, because 14th Amendment. -The Constitution.

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