UF Political Parties Weigh in on Expectations Ahead of Republican Debate


The second round of Republican debates will air tonight on CNN. Viewers and the media are expecting this debate to be an intense battle between 11 candidates.

University of Florida students are no exception. Both political parties at UF agree that Donald Trump will be the main focus of tonight’s debate because he’s currently the leading Republican in the polls.

The UF College Republicans want the debate to dive deeper into the important issues. While the UF College Democrats believe the debate will be entertaining, they hope it will be taken seriously.

“With Trump being in the spotlight, I feel like a lot of people aren’t going to be focused on other potential candidates who can really do a great job, like Marco Rubio,” said Michael Torounian, recruitment director for the UF College Republicans.

He said he hopes to hear Trump speak on immigration reform and health care, which he said are issues that need to be addressed.

“At the end of the day, this definitely isn’t a joke. I think it’s becoming kind of a joke, a reality show. It’s disheartening a little bit,” said Jesse Fallen, president of the UF College Democrats.

One of the problems Fallen wants addressed is growth and the economy. He said he believes there are important issues that the American people care about, and this debate should be taken seriously.

Both parties are hosting watch parties at 8 p.m. for the debate. The UF College Republicans will be hosting its watch party at Pi Kappa Phi fraternity, and the UF College Democrats will be at the Murphree Commons Area on campus.



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