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Missing 5-Week-Old Palatka Infant Found

Demarion Roddrick Hampton, 5-weeks-old.
Demarion Roddrick Hampton, 5-weeks-old.

Update: 12:50 p.m.

Officer Brian Walsh of the Palatka Police Department has confirmed that Demarion Roddrick Hampton, the 5-week-old baby that went missing from Palatka yesterday, has been found and is safe. The Amber Alert has been cancelled.

Palatka Police Department contacted Charteria Voshay Pittman and was able to meet with her and the baby near Regency Mall in Jacksonville. The baby was unharmed. Four people are currently being interviewed as possible suspects.

The Palatka Police Department was investigating the disappearance of a 5-week-old Palatka infant.

The child was last seen in the company of Charteria Voshay Pittman, 17, of Palatka.

Pittman took the child from the mother, Donshay Quateria Hampton, 18, of Palatka yesterday around 9 a.m.

Hampton told police that Pittman said she was taking the child to get holiday pictures taken.

Charteria Voshay Pittman, 17.
Charteria Voshay Pittman, 17. “

According to information released by Palatka Police Department, the child was last seen with Pittman around 2:30 p.m. in Palatka.

Police suspect Pittman may have traveled with the infant to the Jacksonville by bus. She has friends, and possibly a boyfriend, in the area.

The Palatka Police Department is no longer seeking information as to the whereabouts of Pittman and the child.

An Amber Alert was issued for the child, status of missing/endangered, but has since been cancelled. Anyone with additional information, please contact the Palatka Police Department through Putnam County Dispatch at (386) 329-0801.

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