Female UF Students React to Recent Attacks


Female students at the University of Florida are taking extra safety precautions as a result of recent attacks on or around the campus.

While some said walking around campus at night has always brought up a concern for safety, others have taken greater measures, such as carrying a stun gun.

Since Aug. 31, four women have been assaulted under separate but similar circumstances. The latest incident occurred Sunday around 9:40 p.m. Police said the person of interest in all four incidents matched a similar description, yet a connection between them has not been confirmed. Police are still on the lookout for the possible suspect, or suspects.

As a result of the attacks, female students at UF are rethinking nighttime activities on campus.

Neha Misbah, a sophomore at UF, said she no longer finds it safe for a student to walk home late at night or leave the library in the early morning alone. Along with other female students, she is placing more importance on the “buddy system” for evening activities or avoiding them altogether if possible.

Late classes present another issue for female students. Jordanne Laurito, a sophomore at UF, said she is uneasy about attending classes that end after 9 p.m. As her routine requires her to be on campus late, Laurito now carries either mace or a stun gun.

Despite the growing worry and anxiety at UF regarding these incidents, some female students, such as Alayna Jackson, a UF freshman who grew up in the area, remain confident in the campus’ overall safety.

“I feel safe still, but I am more cautious than I otherwise would be, especially at night,” Jackson said.


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