Gainesville Peace Rally Attracts Students, Veterans To Oppose Attack On Syria


John Fullerton, the vice president of the Gainesville chapter of Veterans For Peace, rallies the crowd together and speaks about the repercussions of using military force in Syria. (Photos by Keran Billaud/WUFT News)

Students and veterans rally for the second time this week at the University of Florida, demanding peace and the deferral of U.S. military force in the Syrian conflict.

WUFT News gathered interviews and reactions from social media.

UF’s Students for a Democratic Society organized the second anti-war rally this week at UF’s Turlington Plaza.

Emotions rose, and posters were held high at the anti-war rally at UF’s Turlington Plaza Friday.

One by one, protesters talk to the crowd with one message echoing in the background: “Hands off Syria.”

Students and veterans alike came together to share their stances on a possible U.S. military intervention in Syria.

Close to 30 protesters showed up at the anti-war rally at UF’s Turlington Plaza Friday.

“You can’t bomb for peace!” Chants kept the anti-war rally alive between speakers at UF’s Turlington Plaza today.

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