Fourth of July Picnics Cost 72 Cents More Per Person Than Thanksgiving Meals, Survey Says


A new price survey conducted by the American Farm Bureau Federation says the price of an Independence Day picnic costs slightly more than a Thanksgiving day meal.

A Ward's Supermarket employee stocks the meat section Wednesday ahead of the July 4 holiday.
A Ward's Supermarket employee stocks the meat section Wednesday ahead of the July 4 holiday.

The study shows a Thanksgiving meal cost about $49.48 for 10 people, or just under $5 per person last year, while a typical Fourth of July picnic averages to $57.20 for 10 people, or $5.72 per person.

“A lot of people go back to work the day after the Fourth of July, so therefore you would spend more, really, you could, on the Fourth of July because you got to go to work the next day, that way you don’t have to come home and cook,” said Ward’s Supermarket customer Barbara Brown. “If the Fourth of July is more expensive, it’s because you got family reunions in the months of July and August, so therefore you might spend more than you would for Thanksgiving.”

Ward’s Supermarket customer Erica Haynes also had an opinion about why the price per person would be higher for the Fourth of July.

“Thanksgiving, one would think ahead of time and they would buy items to cook meals. And it would be cheaper per person to cook for a big family than to grab something already prepared at the store, it would be more expensive,” Haynes said.

Burgers, hot dogs, pork spare ribs, potato salad, lemonade, baked beans, watermelon, corn chips, chocolate milk, ketchup, and mustard are some of the picnic foods included in the Farm Bureau’s study.

“Mostly the ribs and the wings are just going off the shelves. Pretty much as soon as I stock it, I gotta go back and grab some more, so can’t keep them on there,” Ward’s Supermarket employee Alicia Northcott said.

The group conducted the Fourth of July price survey for the first time this year, no it will have to wait until next year to compare figures.

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