April 3, 2013: Morning News in 90

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  • The Ocala Police Department needs help identifying a woman who committed identity and grand theft. Investigators say the woman used fake identification to receive a more than $2,000 refrigerator refund at Lowe’s. The theft was discovered when the victim reported her refrigerator was never delivered.
  • Yesterday, LifeSouth Community Blood Centers lifted its one-year waiting period for donors who got a tattoo. This comes after increased regulations on Florida tattoo parlors, which made Florida the 30th state to tighten the laws.
  • China’s government announced today that it is seriously concerned with North Korea’s nuclear developments. Today, North Korea closed an industrial park it operates with South Korea. China is North Korea’s only main ally.
  • Fighting has resumed again in Israel, making it the most serious cross-border hostility since an 8-day war ended in November.
  • Two rockets landed in southern Israel overnight with no fatalities. There were no immediate claims for the rockets.
  • Gov. Rick Scott attended a tour of St. Augustine, including reenactments and cannon-firings, to celebrate Florida’s 500th birthday yesterday.

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