Feb. 14, 2013: Afternoon News In 90

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  • Crevasse’s Florist of Gainesville is saying that deliveries are up for their business this year, but walk-in traffic was down Thursday morning, likely because of the rain. Roses and other floral arrangements are being delivered throughout the day.
  • The European National Food Agency is demanding increased DNA testing after traces of horse meat were found in meat products in Ireland, Sweden and Germany.
  • More than 120 couples in Taiwan celebrated a century-old Valentine’s Day tradition with releasing heart-shaped love lanterns into the sky. Many released the lanterns with prayers and messages of love on them, symbolizing wishes being sent to heaven.
  • Four couples are still going strong in Thailand, breaking the world record of 50 hours and 25 minutes for the longest kiss. The winning couple will receive $3,300, two diamond rings and a free vacation.
  • Double-amputee Olympian Oscar Pistorius was spotted leaving a South African police station Thursday after being questioned over the shooting death of his girlfriend. Police said 30-year-old Reeva Steenkamp was found dead at the athlete’s home and a murder case is being opened against him.

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