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An on-the-ground account of the Costa Rican quake

Maria Perez Ruiz, a UF graduate, experienced the earthquake in Costa Rica first-hand. She recounted her experience to WUFT.

Only a day after a 7.6-magnitude earthquake shook the land under Costa Rica, several tremors are occurring around the globe, including in China and Beverly Hills, Calif.

In China, 64 people have died and 6,500 homes have been destroyed, according to reports.

However, damage in Costa Rica was less severe. According to the Red Cross, only one person died in the earthquake after suffering from a heart attack. Twenty were injured and hundreds had to seek emergency shelters.

WUFT multimedia reporter Christina DeVarona spoke with UF grad Maria Perez Ruiz, who is currently living in Costa Rica. She experienced the earthquake first-hand.

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